Our Work

Fusion’s marketing offering can summarily be divided into Traditional and Contemporary categories, with “contemporary” being those related to or presented through the Internet and via electronic communications. Our most commonly developed marketing efforts follow with the summarized explanations, related subcategories and samples.

We understand the importance of reaching your target audience. To do this successfully we plan, create and deliver an effective message that not only reaches your audience but also creates a successful expanding market campaign.

Does your website Home Page retain visitors for 10-20 seconds–the average a visitor remains before deciding to stay or leave? That’s 10-20 seconds to grab, stimulate and hold them. While your website is undoubtedly the core of your marketing bundle, it cannot be simply a storefront sign nor a substitute for a multi-page brochure. It must be current, vibrant, crisp, enticing and working 24/7 rather than patiently waiting for traffic to wander by. At Fusion, we design each custom-tailored site individually. From basic, but informative, designs of a few pages, links, shopping carts, to complex sites with hundreds of pages, e-newsletters, e-commerce and content management systems.

Today, clients and customers want to obtain and digest information immediately. They want it to be concise, engaging, understandable, appealing and comprehensive. As a result videos are unquestionably the most contemporary, capable and persuasive means for delivery. Whether it’s a corporate capability and offerings video for your website, YouTube, social media sites, or television spots for commercial and service providers, videos summarize your story and deliver it succinctly. Our Fusion produced and post-produced videos will make potential clients aware of your offerings, services, unique proficiencies and distinctive points-of-differentiation compared to competitors. Potential clients receive the benefit of a virtual corporate competency tour while gaining a level of preliminary confidence and comfort.

While videos have made vast headway in how we receive information, print media is still a strong and viable venue. Brochures, flyers, catalogs, booklets, seasonal publications and other print matter can be retained, mailed and personally dispersed, all for future reference. Most importantly, print media doesn’t require initial action on the part of the recipient—it is directed to them and can be specifically timed for an immediate impression and action. Our veteran copywriters, artists and photographers design and develop print media that will result in audience appeal and positive action.

Our professional photography team has the background, talent, creativity and tools to turn business ideas into enticing and inviting art. With a studio at our fingertips and on-site services, we are fully capable of providing all of your photography needs.

Cable and broadcast television, radio, and online advertising function together as forms of delivering promotional marketing messages to consumers. Television spots can be directed to specific demographically select audiences as can the delivery time slots and assigned geographical areas–all according to your budget preference. Radio listeners develop relationships with on-air personalities and programs. Email, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and social media marketing as well as display adverting (web banners) and mobile advertising are all ideal venues to take advantage of the immense and growing online market. Fusion’s video team and media agents will coordinate the development of your message as well as negotiate the best time slots, depending on your business and clients/prospects viewing habits.